Wednesday, December 9, 2020 Casino Portal Failed Auction

I'm gobsmacked! My neat site did not sell in a recent auction. I even spent the last two days driving traffic to my auction, nervous as can be. It ended up getting 19 bids.

Now I know that when your web site does not bring in traffic, it really isn't valuable.

My site,, failed to meet its reserve price at on Dec/9/2020. The auction ended with a high bid of $1300, but I was expecting far more money. So, I will try to sell it again after I increase its organic traffic w/ search engine optimization.

I must've looked like a nutter asking more money than people wanted to pay.

He ain't no brag. Papa's got a brand new bag.

You can bid on it again at Flippa at the end of January, when I auction it off again. It could be your comeuppance to own and make it the next most popular casino portal in the world.

If you're not a business person but a player, you can start with as your first portal. It is 14-years old and has great potential for profits!! Just be a voice in the gambling community and give players trustworthy casino recommendations. The profit you'll earn is from casino affiliate programs.

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