Monday, December 7, 2015

Help Make Bonuses Better

Let's be honest, the real reason why there are casino bonuses is to lure in new players (marketing).

Players who make requests to casino support are the ones who help form the way the casino is marketed. By requesting easier bonus playthrough requirements with perseverance, the casino marketing department will eventually listen to the players.

The best things to ask casino support:

1. Easier playthrough requirements. In other words less games that must be played to transfer winning from bonus account to real account.

2. A mimimum purchase, to meet the bonus terms and conditions, of $1, $5 or $10. Usually, the cashier's minimum purchase is $20. Sometimes the minimum purchase, for the bonus terms, is $50.

3. All games should be allowed on bonus playthrough requirements.

When we get enough players asking for easier bonuses, the demand will be satisfied, to keep customers coming back for more gambling! Right?

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