Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blackjack Bonuses

Online casino bonus offers come with playthrough requirements. One of these requirement is that the player can only play certain games. To find a casino bonus that allows blackjack play could be easy when knowing how to seek them. Here is what a player should do, to find a blackjack bonus:

1. Read the terms and agreements for the bonus offer.

2. Look for a bonus offer that allows all games.

3. Look for a bonus by searching "blackjack bonus" at Google.

Based on my experience gambling online, those who know basic blackjack strategy (card counting) to dos will have the best odds of winning. I am unaware as to the casino's procedure for shuffling while playing 21. Those casinos that shuffle less will have the best odds for the 21 player. This is how card counting works. The player counts the cards to see how many 10s are left in the deck. Knowing this, it's best to not seek to discover how many times a casino suffles, but just use basic card counting strategy. Seeking the way the software works will take too much time.

Knowing basic BJ stratagy, your odds should still be better than the player who doesn't know what to hit, double and stand on. But then again, maybe not. The software programmers can do whatever they like to prevent card counters from having an edge.

My conclusion is that online card counting should be allowed because it is a skill. Games of chance have a less chance of making it in the long run, in the world of online gambling.

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