Wednesday, January 6, 2021

3 Best Casino Videos Ever

Lights, collywobbles, action!

Sodapoppin @ YouToube

WHOOP!! Here's the scoop: I've searched and gathered today's top online casino videos, w/ the most view count. Why should you watch them? Well, if you know people like to watch and feel excitement, then you'll know how to achieve this excitement. When gambling, you can try the same games to experience this action as the player not just the viewer of the video.

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Thursday, December 24, 2020

10 Best Online Slots


Hello again! So, how 'bout this doozy? Do you like the idea of playin' the most popular online casino slots, to see why they're so popular? Try using this brilliant list from that uses extensive research from 14 different slot review sites.

Know your onions. Stop taking the piss.


10. Reactoonz:
Proceed to operate! This instable slot offers the most electrifying experience. This is another simple one, after you know the act. If you function well w/ cognitive exercises, you'll like watchin' this one, 'cause it's fast-paced.

9. Ugga Bugga:
Huh? Here is the 2nd best 3-reel slot online. Uh-huh. The theme is tropical w/ jungle people, exotic plants and different birds.

8. Mega Fortune:
Your treasure awaits! In thhis one, you'll be watchin' five reels accross 25 paylines. At times you'll feel like you're livin' a life of luxury and wealth.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020 Casino Portal Failed Auction

I'm gobsmacked! My neat site did not sell in a recent auction. I even spent the last two days driving traffic to my auction, nervous as can be. It ended up getting 19 bids.

Now I know that when your web site does not bring in traffic, it really isn't valuable.

My site,, failed to meet its reserve price at on Dec/9/2020. The auction ended with a high bid of $1300, but I was expecting far more money. So, I will try to sell it again after I increase its organic traffic w/ search engine optimization.

I must've looked like a nutter asking more money than people wanted to pay.

He ain't no brag. Papa's got a brand new bag.

You can bid on it again at Flippa at the end of January, when I auction it off again. It could be your comeuppance to own and make it the next most popular casino portal in the world.

If you're not a business person but a player, you can start with as your first portal. It is 14-years old and has great potential for profits!! Just be a voice in the gambling community and give players trustworthy casino recommendations. The profit you'll earn is from casino affiliate programs.

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Friday, December 4, 2020

Go get a beer and watch this...

Ok, this vid is a cut above, @ only 2:50 view-time:

His reaction is priceless, on Jungle Spirit slot: "Ooh myy Gooooood." SUPERMEGAVINST! (SUPERMEGA WIN!) "Whoa!! Whoa! Whoaoo!!"

What I'd like to know is how does someone get so many people to watch them gamble online? Are they all friends of this chap? Does he promise them new casino bonuses? I'm discombobulated. It just seems sort of cockamamie to me, like it's a bot doing the chat and vote on the free spins tiger.

Does anyone really know how he's doing this dodgy social interaction? I'd really like to know. Just leave a comment and take a crack at informing us.

This video is popular at YouTube (55 likes), but the link in the YouTube description is broken.

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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Let's Talk About Gaming Club Casino

The classiest thing! Here's the game plan: The Times They Are A-Gamin'. Adamantly, show some guts, and join the VIP club! As a gamer, you'll get competent personal assistance, at any time. Gaming Club is a special online casino company, 'cause they are the world's 1st. However they are not fair to USA and UK players, 'cause they are no longer allowed.

What do we need to know about Gaming Club?

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